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About Us

Jennifer Kilkus

Hi, I’m Jennifer Kilkus, the founder of Grounded Behavioral Health. I’m passionate about improving quality of life – whether that’s helping health and mental health care professionals take the best care of themselves and their patients, or helping people reduce their stress. I founded Grounded Behavioral Health with the mission to improve access to essential education and interventions that can help others lead more meaningful and peaceful lives.

Education and Training

I completed my doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the University of Kentucky and have developed expertise in evidence-based interventions for the physical and psychological consequences of chronic and terminal illness, promoting resilience in psychologists and healthcare workers, and using the biopsychosocial model to facilitate better health and well-being in patients and providers alike. I have specific expertise in oncology and particularly enjoy providing the most up-to-date education to those supporting people with cancer. Most recently, I served as co-developer for a collaborative care psycho-oncology program within Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven Hospital. I currently serve as voluntary faculty for the Department of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine.

I am also certified in trauma-informed mindfulness facilitation and enjoy teaching courses in mindfulness meditation for people with cancer, healthcare workers, and to anyone interested in learning more about this practice.

I am licensed to practice as a psychologist in the state of Connecticut (CT3935) and by telehealth in the state of Florida (TPPY1319).

What I offer

I provide on-demand and live continuing education on topics related to health psychology, managing burnout, and evidence-based cancer support. I also offer consultation to health care systems on these same topics.
I operate a very small private therapy practice focusing on people coping with cancer and health care providers managing burnout. Contact me to learn more about available space and fees or Grounded Behavioral Health


Both in teaching and psychotherapy, I am a compassionate, collaborative, and genuine educator that believes in the power of authenticity and balancing care for others with care for ourselves. We all struggle and we learn more sharing space together than we ever could on our own. I aim to create a learning space that is adapted to a variety of modes of learning and that allows us to learn from one another rather than a “top-down” “instructor knows all” approach. I recognize that many of our traditional ways of learning are shaped through a White dominant lens and I am dedicated to continually re-learning (or un-learning) in a way that allows me to share what I know in a way that is supportive to all.
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