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Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness Courses

Find more ease, acceptance, and self-compassion with mindfulness meditation.

Whether you are new to mindfulness or an experienced practitioner, Grounded Behavioral Health offers a variety of courses to meet you where you are.

Mindfulness meditation is an evidence-based strategy for managing stress that includes elements of attention, acceptance, and present-minded, non-judgmental focus. This practice allows us to observe and experience thoughts without “holding on” or “pushing away.” In this “here and now” place, we can learn to shift from unhelpful reactivity and let go of stress outside of our control.

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Mindfulness courses are open to the public and not available for CE credit.

Mindfulness 101

New to mindfulness? Or maybe you’ve tried it and aren’t sure if you’re doing it “right?”

This two-hour course is designed to demystify this practice for beginners to mindfulness. This accessible and fun course provides an overview of mindfulness and the research-driven benefits of this practice alongside a variety of experiential mindfulness practices.

Next class starts: TBD


Mindful Self-Compassion

Many of us can be pretty hard on ourselves. This “drill sergeant” mindset often backfires, leaving us feeling ultimately worse over time rather than better. If you’re searching for a way to practice more kindness toward yourself, this four-week course is a good fit for you. Suitable for beginners or advanced practitioners.

This class meets for four consecutive weeks for 90 minutes each via Zoom.

Next class starts: TBD


Mindfulness-based cancer recovery

Join us for this six week course designed to help you learn to use mindfulness to navigate the many challenges that come along with cancer treatment and recovery. If you are struggling with side effects from treatment, unsure how to move forward after treatment, or dealing with fears of recurrence or progression, this course is for you.

This class meets for four consecutive weeks for 90 minutes each via Zoom.

Next class starts: Wednesday June 7th, 2023, 7:00-8:30 EST


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Mindfulness and Healthcare

Mindfulness and Healthcare

Clinician burnout is at an all time high. Mindfulness meditation is an evidence-based intervention for reducing stress, improving empathy and compassion, and reducing medical errors.

Grounded Behavioral Health can provide a tailored workshop or retreat for your staff.

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